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After the game is over, network monitoring goes on

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NinjaMSPApril 04, 2016

Do march Madness & Network Management Have anything Common?

March Madness, of course, is a nickname for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournament, which takes the country by storm every year. If you're a basketball fan, your voice might be hoarse now because of all the screaming and cheering you've been doing this month.

You probably associate March Madness with thrilling victories and agonizing losses. You probably don't associate it with network management, the complex process of keeping computer networks running smoothly. What commonalities could there possibly be between these two topics? As you'll see below, the answer is as surprising as many NCAA buzzer-beaters.

1. The Right Choices for Everyone

March Madness provides viewers with a wide variety of options. Each year, 68 teams compete for the coveted trophy. Thus, you can root for a school of any size and from any region of the United States. These days, you also have plenty of ways to watch these games. You can head to your favorite sports bar or relax in your living room. You can gaze at an enormous screen or your smartphone.

Likewise, with outstanding network management solutions, you can select which vendors fits your business, as well as what features they offer.  Do they have NOC, AV, SaaS or on- premise or MDM? What is the cost? Are there special features and PSA integrations? As with filling out a bracket, it is never easy to pick the winner. The best bet depends on the MSP and what is best for their customers.

2. A True Chance for the Underdog

In 1979, Indiana State battled the much larger and more famous Michigan State for the NCAA championship. Michigan ultimately won, but Indiana's tenacity and unlikely success earned the college many new fans. What's more, due to that tournament, NCAA basketball became hugely popular. And ever since, viewers have embraced March Madness Cinderella teams like Indiana.

In the corporate world, network management solutions help small firms compete against bigger organizations. A business that doesn't employ its own IT service providers can operate as effectively as a company with an extensive in-house IT division. Without having to deal with computer network glitches, everyone who works at a modestly-sized company can focus their efforts on supplying great products or services.

3. Everyone Pulls Together

Watching this tournament with others can really get the adrenaline pumping. That's especially true if everybody's a fan of the same team. When we take in a game under these conditions, our mirror neurons ― which are the nerve cells that mimic those around us ― begin to fire. When that happens, we start feeling the joy of the people around us. And we also experience a little of the excitement that the players are feeling.

This is somewhat reflective of the way MSPs and their solution providers work together. They have to work as a team in order to ensure best in breed software while still maintaining the highest level of customer support.  Each and every member of Ninja and our MSP partners work together so we create a unified team effort. It's a slam dunk all around.

4. Avoid Downtime, the Technical Foul of the Office

March Madness and network management are linked in at least one more way. Throughout the month of March, many employees watch basketball games during the workday, which can sometimes overload networks and lead to dreaded downtime.

With remote monitoring and management pros on your side, however, you can avoid this pitfall. After all, as with an NCAA basketball game, you want your computer network to give you nonstop action. 

Who are you cheering for in the final?  Just like the two teams that will give it 110% in the final game, Ninja also has made a commitment to be the most powerful RMM in the marketplace, with the absolute best user experience, and integrations with your favorite products. For a free trial, go to www.ninjamsp.com


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