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Downtime is a Four-Letter Word for MSPs.

downtime is a four letter word
NinjaMSPFebruary 26, 2016

The Benefits of Remote Network Monitoring

Downtime is a four-letter word in IT, especially when you wake up to frantic texts, phone calls and a Slack chat full of all-caps messages demanding that you fix the problem right now. You probably don't live right next to the office, so resolving an issue "right now" could in fact end up taking hours. The average downtime cost is up to $2.5 billion for Fortune 1000 companies, according to DevOps, with a $1 million per hour potential cost for application downtime. Every second counts during a critical failure situation, which is where remote network monitoring solutions come into play. You don't need to spend precious time getting on-site and addressing the issue. Instead, you start the troubleshooting and remediation process immediately. RMM software also has several other advantages for IT service providers.

Improved Customer Experience

You provide customers with immediate action when you have access to remote monitoring and management solutions. Instead of the company draining money every minute you take to get there, you reassure them by immediately working on fixing the issue. Some RMM software, such as NinjaMSP's solution, provides integration with Teamviewer so you can immediately gain remote access to the critical endpoints on the network.

Better Usage of IT Technician Resources

Your IT technicians don't need to be on-site and chained to the server room or data center all day. You get better usage out of your IT technicians' resources when they can monitor networks wherever they are, from any device. Many small issues don't require an on-site technician, just a remote network monitoring solution with a robust feature set for handling most of your tasks.

User and device management, backup and recovery, and anti-virus measures can be controlled remotely, and useful options, such as auto-discovery for new devices, further reduce the amount of time you need to physically spend on-site. When you're making the most efficient use of your resources, you improve the quality of service for your clients.

Streamlined Remediation

You spend a lot of time battling viruses, malware and other problems on endpoints. Your anti-virus software needs a scan schedule, you have to handle any alerts they find and you don't always want a deep scan running. Having a high-quality remote network monitoring solution will provide you with multiple customization options for virus remediation.

Cloud Support

SaaS solutions are found throughout many businesses, but it's not always easy to monitor these services. Cutting-edge RMM software adapts to a modern network infrastructure and gives you the monitoring tools you need to handle cloud solutions. Many businesses rely on the cloud as much as, if not more, than their on-premise solutions, so adding this to your remote network monitoring toolkit will help set you apart.

Remote monitoring and management helps your managed service business work more efficiently to create a better experience for your clients and your company. Technicians don't have to get on the road constantly just for minor issues, and you cut down the time needed to tackle disruptive network problems. There are many remote monitoring solutions on the market, but not every software option gives you the features you need to make the most of your resources. Contact us for a free trial of the Ninja RMM Software to enjoy these benefits first-hand.

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