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Identifying the Keys to Network Visibility

NinjaMSPOctober 26, 2015

While businesses rely on efficient and stable network activity in order to be successful, managed service providers (MSPs) face increased IT monitoring and management challenges as networks are becoming more complex, fluid and distributed.

To maintain control and business productivity, MSPs’ access to infrastructure elements is critical and supports optimal network visibility. Considering whether or not your clients’ network is visible? Ask yourself:

How easily can I produce a topology of network devices and infrastructure?

Dynamic discovery of all equipment in the IT infrastructure enables mapping of their current locations, configurations an interdependencies to provide a holistic picture of the network. The more types of devices the discovery technology can detect, identify and support, the better visibility the network administrator will have.

Do I have real-time access across the infrastructure?

Network visibility is most effective when it happens in real time. Static or delays hinder the ability to make the proactive decisions necessary for efficiency. Without real-time visibility, MSPs are, at best, able to correct problems after they’ve already occurred. In order to provide proactive analysis, which we know leads to superior customer service, real-time visibility is necessary.

What changes can I implement with this information?

Managed service providers need answers, not data. Actionable information about network health, faults, bandwidth hogs and performance issues reduces mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR). There are a lot of monitoring solutions on the market, but data alone is not enough to address complex challenges; IT professionals need a solution that enables them to quickly identify exceptions and abnormalities and that offers trustworthy advice and automation workflow to resolve problems quickly.

If your network monitoring solution supports these visibility capabilities, you are on your way to answering with a definitive “Yes” when clients ask about the state of network health.

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