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Is Network Monitoring a Top Priority for MSPs?

NinjaMSPMarch 22, 2016

From what we have heard, network monitoring is the top priority for MSPs—and their customers. MSP clients expect and deserve maximum availability from their network. At the end of the day, network performance means more productivity. An MSP armed with the right network monitoring utility is what helps ensure this.  The network goes down…and then what?

The MSP knows that it is their responsibility to be able to pinpoint the right data in order to identify the source of network performance and security issues—sometimes even before they arise. Why is traffic bogging down? What alerts show us problems before they happen. The right interface gives the network tech the most actionable view of a customer’s network and provides a high level of granularity of both activity and performance.

Is a mail server slowing down the network? Is a particular workstation the source of a disturbingly high amount of bandwidth usage? Moreover, is that bandwidth usage due of work-related activity or something else? Employee surfing habits (It is March Madness time) can impact productivity as surely as network problems can—something every client will appreciate knowing.

Network monitoring software should give your techs maximum visibility into the performance indicators for processes and applications that make the difference between a smoothly humming workday and one fraught with frustrating lags and downtime. The quicker you can spot degradations in network performance, the quicker you can remediate them—before your client ever suspected something was wrong.

A customizable dashboard  should let you easily monitor all the critical performance indicators —dashboard.pngfrom CPU load and network interface traffic to llatency, packet and event logs—while making the best use of your screen’s real estate.

A recent article from Tech Target stated that a high percentage of Managed Service Providers said network monitoring is a "hot topic" and is one of their priorities  when seeking out an RMM solution. Check out Ninja and find out why NinjaRMM delivers on the MSP’s demand for the best remote network monitoring software.