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March Madness and Network monitoring

NinjaMSPMarch 17, 2016

As we all sit down to fill out our brackets in preparation for the big dance, it’s important to remember that there might be more at stake than winning the office pool. With the on-going proliferation of personal device use within organizations and accessibility of online streaming, live content, events such as March Madness can result in productivity loss, poor network performance and even downtime for customers. Managed Service Providers can be a key player in helping customers navigate this issue as consultants with the experience, know-how and tools to get the job done.

Do you have a few tips to share on how you handle remotely managing your customers' network traffic during big events?  Do you stress test ahead of time?  Do you prioritize business-critical apps on the busy traffic days? Do you proactively analyze traffic and identify bandwidth hogs? What if there is an outage… do you prepare a re-routing plans if the network does become sluggish? 

We know that many companies, especially small to mid-sized businesses or distributed enterprises, might not have an in-house IT department or have limited IT resources. This is why the  Managed Service Provider (MSP) is so critical.  MSPs take care of IT resources for these small to mid-size companies, and in alot of cases, larger companies.

The NinjaMSP team thought it was important to take a look at the impact of March Madness on companies that do not have internal IT resources and depend upon their MSP to keep their critical systems performing.  Let us know how you handle big events like March Madness, The Superbowl, The NBA finals and it is an election year.

Looking for more information? Check out these “predictions” and enjoy the Madness of March this year. Instead of losing sleep over your network’s performance, you can lose sleep over the performance of your alma mater.

Let us know your story. Who do you predict with walk away with the title this year? What do you do to prepare your network for a big event like March Madness?



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